About Us

From Small Business to Large Enterprise Networks

Beginning with the original NEC electromechanical (cross-bar) systems and continuing up through the current IP and Cloud based systems, A3 Telecom Engineers have done them all, thousands of times.

Like many organizations, A3 Telecom's history and roots lie in a previous venture which formed the basis and identity of who we are today. That previous venture was Tele-Contracting Specialists, Inc. (TSI), a well known and highly respected privately held corporation with offices in Seattle and Portland. TSI performed telecommunications contract work across the United States, Caribbean, Mexico and Western Europe and was recognized as a leading NEC engineering and operations powerhouse.

TSI was incorporated in September, 1986 and the corporate founder and President was Mike Lopata. Following the sale of TSI in 2003, Mike founded and incorporated A3 Telecom.

A3 Telecom has found a particular niche in the market and is recognized as a dominant resource in the design, installation and repair of equipment associated with several vertical markets, including: Hotel / Motel (Hospitality); Airline & Airports; Hospitals & Healthcare; Call Center & ACD/MIS; and IPTel/VOIP switching networks.

Our team members are factory certified on virtually every NEC key and switching system manufactured for use in North America since 1972. Included in this impressive list are:

  • NA120 & NA4-09 crossbar series
  • Patrician Communicator series
  • Electra Key & Hybrid series
  • Professional series
  • IPK series
  • IPS series
  • NEAX 12, 12A & 22 series
  • NEAX 2400 RDS / MDS / HDS series
  • NEAX 2400 ICS / IMX / IPX series
  • NEAX 2400 Univerge series
  • SV7000
  • SV8100 / 8300 / 8500 series
  • SV9100 / 9300 / 9500 series, and
  • Sphericall series

Experience Matters

The A3 senior management team brings almost 125 combined years of industry experience to each and every opportunity and project. This knowledge and ability comes through exhaustive hands-on, working experience involving thousands of clients, sites, systems and project implementations.

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