Cloud Solutions

It’s all within your reach.
Cloud Solutions Valerie Blaze March 8, 2022
A place to do it all—Video, Phone, Messaging, Virtual Events, Backup, Recovery—And do it anywhere. On any device.
With A3 and the NEC UNIVERGE BLUE® full suite of cloud-based services, bring your business and people together...confidentially and securely. One of the most inclusive integrated business communication platforms on the market today, it provides employees the powerful tools and robust functionality that they need to compete and succeed in today’s business environment.

Where’s the future of communication? Right here.


Fully integrated business phone system with video, chat, file sharing, contact center and more.


Customizable contact center with customer integrations, workforce optimization and more.


Video conferencing solution with built-in collaboration tools for any size business.


File sharing, co-editing and collaboration with real-time file backup and antivirus protection.


Secure data storage, management and disaster recovery in the cloud.

Unified Communications

A fully integrated cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) solution.

UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT combines your phone system, chat, video, screen sharing, file management and conference calling into a seamless experience that fits with your business size, needs and work style. Get customizable, scalable cloud-based services for your business backed by NEC Stress-Free Cloud Experience.

Easy to set up. Easy to manage.
Easy to use.

You get 90+ enterprise-grade features in addition to industry-leading network call quality and uptime.

System management and call reporting features are handled from a single web-based portal.

Allows mobile devices to become part of your CONNECT phone system.

Increases workforce flexibility with accessibility virtually anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Transcribes voicemail messages to text and email for efficient voicemail handling.

Integrates chat, text messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing and file backup for greater productivity and collaboration.

Let’s get your contact center in the cloud today and exceed your customers' expectations.