Why settle for just voice? a3t_admin June 29, 2022

Why settle for just voice?

Why settle for just voice?

Why settle for just voice?

Expand your traditional phone system to drive optimal communication beyond voice.

For decades, businesses small and large have depended on their phone systems to communicate internally and with customers. But in today’s new work models, organizations need more than a dial tone or mobile phone to be optimized for success.

The way we think of a “job” or even an “office” has changed dramatically, in ways that go far beyond the in-person vs. remote work shift. Work happens everywhere and anywhere, and the need to maximize productivity has never been greater. Customers and workers expect communication that’s instantaneous and entirely reliable. Keeping dispersed teams connected has become an operational must-have.

The knee-jerk response for many companies is to simply procure a Cloud PBX system. In theory, this is a decent path to take. It incorporates the flexibility of a cloud solution, creates unification with all employees and offers some additional features. 

But to be successful in today’s uber-collaborative and diverse organizations, an optimal solution must set the foundation for seamless communication wherever employees are, with the ability to be highly productive and drive growth all through one platform.

Ultimately this would be a collection of cloud communication tools that are unified under one platform, preferably with a single interface or point of access. Typically, this package will include voice calling, the ability to incorporate video when necessary, instant messaging, screen sharing, file sharing, faxing and more. Plus, it would provide backup and recovery functionality.

Why settle for just voice?

This all-inclusive model can have a huge positive business impact, allowing companies to manage customer experiences, create certainty with fixed costs, enable streamlining of disparate tools AND provide valuable analytic insights that can drive major efficiencies in the business.

So why settle for a simple cloud service that only provides voice-related features? Consolidate voice, collaboration, back-up, file sharing and enhance business impact with a cloud-based, unified solution that makes it easier for employees across teams, departments, and locations to connect, using whatever channel is most appropriate for the conversation.

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