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For over 35 years, A3 Telecom technicians and engineers have been traveling world-wide, designing, installing, upgrading and repairing the complete line of NEC Corporation's telephone systems.  Beginning with the original NEC electromechanical (cross-bar) systems and continuing up through the current IP and Cloud based systems, A3 engineers have done them all . . . thousands of times.  From the smallest local businesses to the largest Enterprise networks, A3 engineers have, you guessed it . . . been there . . . done that.  Whether your business is a singular entity with 10 phones or an airline spanning the globe, our expertise and experience coupled with the products and services offerred by our $43B partner (NEC) will get you where you need to go.

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A3 Telecom, Inc. (A3 Telecom) has been widely recognized as a leading provider of superior quality, NEC Telephones based:  (1) solutions and applications engineering; (2) installation and upgrade implementations; and (3) ongoing technical support and maintenance services.  For many years, as both an authorized Dealer of NEC Telephone's complete product line and a Master Contractor of both NEC Corporation and many of NEC's largest Dealers, A3 Telecom's business model had us augmenting and strengthening the capabilities of the organizations selling and supporting the NEC product line while at the same time, dealing directly with and supporting a select group of Enterprise-sized end-user clients.

Like many organizations, A3 Telecom's history and roots lie in a previous venture which formed the basis and identity of who we are today.  That previous venture was Tele-Contracting Specialists, Inc. (TSI), an extremely well known and highly respected privately held corporation (which had offices in Seattle and Portland) that performed telecommunications contract work across the United States, Caribbean, Mexico, and Western Europe.  TSI was recognized as being a leading NEC engineering and operations powerhouse.  TSI was incorporated in September, 1986 and the corporate founder and President was Mike Lopata.

Following the sale of TSI in 2003, Mike founded and incorporated A3 Telecom.

Many people have asked where the A3 name originated.  Over the years, Mike pioneered and was known to have built and managed the NEC A3 Team . . . Anytime, Anywhere, Anything.  When incorporating the new company, it just seemed appropriate to use the A3 tagline as the basis for the new company's name.

A3 Telecom's business is based upon the quality engineering, installation, upgrade, and repair of NEC VOIP, IP, TDM, and Cloud based telephone switching systems.  In addition to the base systems, A3 Telecom also sells and/or supports all peripheral systems, including:  Hospitality Property Management Systems (PMS); Voicemail and Automated Attendant Systems; Inbound and Outbound FAX Servers; Integrated Voice Response (IVR) Systems; ACD-MIS / Call Centers; Call Accounting Systems; Voice Recording Platforms; and most other peripheral systems and applications.

To date, A3 Telecom team members have completed major telecom related activities in over 75 major cities in 30+ States, as well as in several foreign countries.

In addition to the hundreds of installations completed in our original Pacific Northwest home base, project locations range from Hawaii, Alaska, and Califormia in the West; to Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida in the East; and virtually everywhere in between.

Foreign installations and engineering have been completed in Europe, Africa, Mexico, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Martinique, Canada, Guam, and upon many of the cruise ships sailing the world's oceans.

A3 Telecom has the unique distinction of being able to deliver to the end-user both a very high level of NEC switching systems technical expertise and an almost unheard of level of general telephony based expertise and experience.  The A3 senior management team brings almost 120 combined years of industry experience to each and every opportunity and project.  This knowledge and ability comes through exhaustive hands-on, working experience involving thousands of clients, sites, systems, and project implementations.

The scope of work included in these projects includes:

    *    Project Management;
    *    Pre-sales Design, Engineering, and Competitive Partnering Assistance;
    *    Solution Identification, Marketing, and Sales to virtually every type of client;
    *    Complete Turnkey Switch Installations and Upgrades;
    *    Routine, Emergency, Disaster and 24x7 Maintenance & Recovery Tasks;
    *    Technical Training and Textbook & Course Development;
Consultations and Technical Assistance to Manufacturing Engineers; and
Consultation Engineering with both End-users, Dealers and Vendors.

Specific switch applications fall within the spectrum of:

    *    General Business;
    *    Hotel / Motel Hospitality;
    *    Healthcare and Hospitals;
    *    Call Centers and ACD/MIS;
    *    Airlines and Airports;
    *    School Districts, College, and University; and
    *    Local, County, State, and Federal Government.

A3 Telecom has found a particular niche in the market and is recognized as a dominant resource in the design, installation, and repair of equipment associated with several vertical markets, including:  Hotel / Motel (Hospitality); Airline & Airports; Hospitals & Healthcare; Call Center & ACD/MIS; and IPTel/VOIP switching networks.

A3 Telecom team members are factory certified on virtually every NEC key and switching system manufactured for use in North America since 1972.  Included in this impressive list are the:

    *    NA120 & NA4-09 crossbar series;
    *    Patrician Communicator series;
    *    Electra Key & Hybrid series;
    *    Professional series;
    *    IPK series;
    *    IPS series;
    *    NEAX 12, 12A, & 22 series;
    *    NEAX 2400 RDS / MDS / HDS series;
    *    NEAX 2400 ICS / IMX / IPX series;
    *    NEAX 2400 Univerge series;
    *    SV8100 / 8300 / 8500 series; and
    *    Sphericall series.

To view a limited, representative list containing 
some of the end-user organizations and sites where A3 Telecom engineers have completed significant projects, please click here.

Over the last five years (2008-2012), A3 Telecom has sold systems for approximately 60 individual airports and has recently completed major sales and installation projects at Boston Logan (BOS), NY LaGuardia (LGA), Washington Reagan (DCA), and Philadelphia (PHL) International airports.  We are currently involved in significant projects at Pittsburgh (PIT), Seattle (SEA), Charlotte (CLT), and Washington Reagan (DCA) International airports.

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